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You might consider a different model.
After 3 months of back and forth correspondence with Lamptron, i finally received an RMA unit, but it too had a defective display. This one staying on for an hour or so and then just glowing red. After about 10 hours it would come back on. Repeat. I may have just had a couple bad units, or one that was rushing out before quality control as an RMA, but my lamptron experience has been soiled. Perhaps consider the next step up with the "improved" lcd.
Display died in less than a week
Fan controls work well, rpm display seems mostly accurate. But the display died after less than a week. However, since i didn''t install it until after Frozen''s return window, i have to rma with lamptron. Hopefully that resolves the issue.
How much can you say about fittings other than these do exactly what they are supposed to do, without being a pain on the fingers. Also, they look really sharp once installed.
Leak free versatility
This was the perfect option for getting my 90 degree turns without a sharp corner. The extra couple of dollars was worth it for the reduced resistance. And they look outstanding.
Exactly what i was looking for
First, yes this stuff is soft. If you require tight bends, get a corner form or anti-kink to keep it from kinking or get the thicker walled stuff. But for me, this stuff is amazing. Super easy to work with, crystal clear, and priced well enough.
Picture was a bit misleading
The switch looks outstanding and functions exactly as i need it to. However, the terminals for the switch i received are not laid out as the picture suggests, and was a little bit more difficult to work with. And the led is plenty bright when used as a hdd light. Do be sure if you get a cable/connectors with this that you go with the smallest ones you can. The terminals are tiny.
Nice once sleeved
I bought this because i wanted to mobo connectors, and for that it was ok. The crimp terminals came off on two wires, which would have been frustrating if i wasn''t cutting them shorter anyway. And they are hideous if unsleeved. Either spend the money on getting them sleeved, or do it yourself. You''ll be disappointed if you don''t plan for that.
Not Bad
Moves enough air for my needs. It is adequately quiet, but at full speed has a small buzz to it. I did not use rubber mounts because my situation can''t, but that may solve that issue. Very nice otherwise.
Almost, but not quite.
Depending on your need, this connector may work. I was hoping they might be small enough to use as a mobo connector, or for close space temperature probes, but this proves to not be the case. Wish frozen would carry the smaller mobo style 2-pin connectors.