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get somthing else.
disapointing low grade rubber grommets tear & fall after 1 use if you tighten the screw all the way. i got several of them & the noise is varying from one to another some i got was terribly noisy and others slightly noisy. to little airflow. NOT SUITABLE FOR CASE FAN! Get something else. not worth your money.
Good Stuff
retentively easy to apply, but does need abit of messing & smoothing. there''s cardboard applicator which make it easier to apply. i did not see significant idle drop (1-2c) but, the amazing thing is how fast does the temps drop after you go from full load to idle, with in 1 second it can drop from 65 under prime to 40, really amazing quick drop.
Update: received a replacement (DO NOT BUY!)
same issue as with the old one, above 800rpm and there''s annoying loud significant hinge whine noise coming from the fan. maybe marketing dep'' just took the older 800RPM model & pushed volts up or something of that sort, and its the reason for the loude annoying whineing noise comming from it. AVOID THIS FAN: IF YOU VALUE YOUR PEACE & QUIET!
Works nice but with some caveats.
(note: my version is 36 Count SMD) Cable contact broke after a year along the strip in 2 places and near the connector. (I soldered it a raw of LED back from connector) It better be fix it to place 1 time, and use the Strip Sticker, to avoid my cable contact issues. overall nice product, but remember it''s china made. lights well ,Controller Infra Red EYE cable is only 14cm long and work in direct view only. (and to short) which may require some moving around of the IR controller box to find a spot for it to be in a direct visible line to the remote control. IR controller came with 3 connectors, 1 mail connector & 2 more female connectors, BUT, the LED strip connector itself came with a female, so if your getting more then 1 strip for the same controller an adapter would be needed. (maybe the Phobya LED extension cable would help with that, not sure. PS colours produced not always matching LED remote.
no rubber oiling service gasket.
unlike lian li quality 900rpm case fan, this have a whine above 350rpm. maybe a defective fan, (i will update after R.M.A) more surprising the fan has no rubber baring cover, for servicing the fan hinge. which is strange since old 900rpm use such rubber cover. this is unexpected from lian li, i will return to update when replacement will arrive.
not quiet at all for me!
just referring to its loudness: at 1250rpm almost inaudible, but 1700-2000rpm as case (rear in my case) fan is annoyingly loud.. so i moved it between 2 CPU heat-sinks towers of CM V8 which surprisingly manage to mute it almost completely at 2000rpm. as case fan i would have replaced him. not recommending as case fan if you value your quiet. aside loudness - it''s a high quality silicone mounted fan which i would recommend!