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high density also expands less.
dont try to get this over connectors or even over the pins. it will catch and snag and fray. if your going with this excellent sleeving, then go all out and get the pins and connectors to rewire completely.
ATX tool part broke
all of the heads for this took worked great except the ATX one (the one with two thin tips) but upon looking at other tools, this pin seems difficult in general, every tool for it has bad reviews and i imagine its because of the way they are designed. i got another tool that was made out of spring steel instead of whatever this is made of. then i bent the tips inwards so they would actually contact the pin. in short its a wonderful tool but the ATX connector in general is a nightmare if your not an expert.
great fan, great accessories.
the cable this fan comes with is a must. it takes this fan and makes it silent. when plugged straight in, the fan is not silent but not terribly loud, and it pushes a huge amount of air. im using this as a pull fan for a 140mm rad, with a lower RPM fan in push, so i can keep this on the 7V and stay quiet.
expensive but necissary.
using this for a through-the-wall coupler, wish the price for such a simple peice was more reasonable but its high quality.
must have for first time watercooler.
for someone who doesnt know all the info, and is worried a pump may fail, or a tube may kink, this is a must have. i have it hooked up to my CPU header so if flow stops, my computer shuts down. nice quality.
very shiney and should keep bacteria from developing in my system. i honestly just like watching it bounce around in the res when the pump first turns on. for $7, its worth it.
nice plug
nice little plug for a drain port. doesnt leak and is easy to open.