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Little monster!
bought one of this to put on my heatsink for my MCP350 pump, good god almighty! this little thing is loud at 100% speed, but pushes more air than almost any mainstream 120mm fans out there, only difference is the area of this thing covers is smaller due to its size. even at 40% fan speed (my fan controllers lowest speed setting) this thing pushes more air than most main 40mm fans out there and its pretty quiet at that speed, it still tolerable upto 60% but any more than that and it becomes the loudest thing in my system, but I keep it at around 40-50% coz its already more than enough at that speed. I would buy two to 3 more of this to add to my NB and Mosfet heatsinks for extended overclocking tests, my whole system is under watercooled right now and the only thing that is air cooled is the motherboard essentials like Mosfet and NB, don''t really wanna add them to the loop since it will be more complicated to remove them when I need to. so these little monster fans would suffice.
it works but...
as title says.. it works.. the PWM control is great but the pump gets hot enough to affect my temps. on my previous pump/res combo from XSPC my temps never wen''t over 50C but w/ this one (pump+res combo as well) it goes upto 65C (1090T @ 4Ghz) which is bad.. no wonder they sell a heatsink for this pump.. gonna get rid of it and go back to a bay reservoir w/ pump+res combo (pump inside) to be sure pumps don''t affect my temps.. since if the pump is inside the reservoir and submerged in the coolant itself.. means that the loop cools your pump as well so you wouldn''t have same problem as I encounter with this.
Not bad.
Silent,about same air flow as CM Megaflow and good thing bout this is that you can plug the LED in into a toggle switch so that you can turn the LED lights on or off in this fan. only complaint is that this thing doesn''t have the same screw holes as the fan from the HAF case so installing this to an HAF case requires removal of the top panel and the side panes of front panel to screw this thing in place... so plan ahead if you are installing this to an HAF case.
I was looking for a HDD rack to put into a 5.25" bay since I wanna remove the HDD rack off my HAF-932 case to make room for my future plans on water cooling. and this one was the cheapest SATA-III capable hotswap drive bay I can find here in FCPU. it was very simple build and sturdy as well, the power plugs in on a 4pin molex connector so that reduced my cables to use from my PSU and this thing worked perfectly. now I was able to remove the HDD rack off my HAF-932 case (it was attached by pop rivets, so I needed to remove it by drilling thru each of them) and it looks mighty clean and got more space to put my pump/res inside the case.
just forgot to put 5/5 rating on my first review.. so ignore the ratings that I gave on that first review. this thing is perfect for its price! =]
nice little organizer
instead of use those cable extender/adapter that came w/ your fan, this thing would do. I forgot to buy a 3pin male-female cable so I am not able to use it yet but this thing is small.. so this would free a lot of space compared to those cables.
overkill sealing power on tubing, means great! you can expect no leaks.