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You get what you pay for, so pay!
I have used fan controllers in the past. You know, the cheap ones for $19.99 that feel like they are made of plastic. I decided for once to pay a premium and see if it would be worth it. Let me say, yes, it definitely is! The build quality is superb on this. It feels sturdy, from the frame, to the knobs, to the pcb. It looks great on my Corsair 800d and the LEDs are not so bright that they project light onto the opposite wall. FrozenCPU did an awesome job braiding all the wires as well. For pumps or fans, this thing is solid! You won''t have to worry about circuitry burning up in a few months from cheap parts.
Can''t find a gentle typhoon? Here is your fan
Excellent fans! They are dead silent at any RPM and they push through low density rads as if they are not even there. A perfect combination with hardware labs SR1 series. Note that the fan blades look more like a very dark blue or soft purple color when they are against a black background.
Perfect way to snake around objects
These fittings are great for making 90 degree turns or for really snaking around any obstruction. The rotary fitting means that you do not have to pray that the fitting ends up facing the right direction as it is fully adjustable once threaded. Note that for this particular model, one end is G1/4 thread and the other is a compression fitting for 3/8 1/2 tubing.
Reliable and secure 45 degree angles
This is a rotary fitting, which means that once the threads are tight, you can continue to rotate the fitting to point in the correct direction. With cheaper non-rotary fittings you have to pray that it aligns properly as there is no adjustment. These are the ultimate way to remove long bends of tubing, especially if your tubing is stiff. I have 4 of these in a loop and I have not noticed any difference in flow rate.
It works
It clamps and it unclamps. Works perfect, doesn''t dig in yet holds tight.
Durable, cheap, and does not bleed the color of the cables underneath
No complaints
Rather flexible. It is very slightly transparent, but you can''t tell without a strong back light. No complaints, looks awesome against black.
They keep a very good hold. Tubing doesn''t hold up well to multiple disconnects compared to other brands though.
It makes a T line easy
Makes a great t-line. No leaks, strong material. My logo was white, not yellow as pictured.
perfect to cap a t-line
Caps a T-line (or any open line) with no issue. Used with a clamp of course. No leaks and easy to use when draining!
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