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So far so good
Unit appears and feels of heavy/solid construction. Am running 9 fans on 3 rads plus two D5''s. Sliders are smooth in motion. The LED system is good but not perfect so certain colors may appear off tint. The only thing that puzzles me is directions indicate you should connect all three molex on the unit to your power source " For safe operation ". The molex''s are wired together to a common feed into the unit that is two larger gauge wires soldered into to PCB.
Great as PWM or Rad fan
I tried one of these and was delighted with the quality build, features, function. First, I estimate the stated specs to be accurate. 75 cfm, static pressure of 2.66. Your MB can control this one with PWM and black sleeved cables are 50cm. The acoustical claim seems accurate as this is a quiet fan. BTW, I consider around 20dB as silent, around 30 as quiet and 40 and up as just plain noisy. This model is equipped with deep blue LED and the prop material is UV. reactive. The props are also removable for cleaning. There is also a manual speed control in included. I also run 90mm Gelid fans. I think they are all first rate.
Very Solid Mount
I too used this to mount an AQ 360 all copper rad. As the other reviewer mentioned, there is no play or wobble. The stand off from the case is useful because I set up the 140mm rear fan on my HAF X to draw cool air in. Having said this, keep in mind that the heavy thumb nuts that secure the bracket inside case will create fan mounting problems. I simply used 3 Phobya 140mm shroud gaskets to create internal clearance from the thumb nuts to mount the case fan. Worked perfectly, just watch alignment of the gaskets while installing. This bracket is highly recommended especially for heavier radiators.
Good Fix
Mounting a Koolance rad mounting bracket bkt hxo01p created a problem to keep my HAF X rear 140mm fan. These gaskets provided an easy fix by adding three of these between inside of case wall and fan. The 21mm of clearance provided necessary stand off between the Koolance bracket thumbnuts and the 140mm rear fan. They also provide a nice seal and the fan ( 140mm Blue Shark ) is very quiet.