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I must say I was expecting more given the extreme price and Noiseblocker''s reputation for quality and silence. The fan itself has a very cheap, lightweight look and feel to it that screams anything but quality. Mine barely spins at 1600 rpm, doesn''t put out much air, and although it is quieter than most it''s still noisier than I would like.
Easily the quietest 140mm fan I''ve ever used, even at full speed. If you''re looking for a low noise radiator fan, look no further.
It is very large indeed, and obviously cools the hell out of your components. For anyone interested, I got the best results using just a push configuration. The screws that come with this thing are hexagon, but don''t come with a hexagon screwdriver. Be warned.
better alternative?
Definitely seems designed to compete with the gentle typhoon. I chose this fan over the gt to try something new, and because of the much lower price. These fans spin at the rated speed, and are very quiet, even at full speed. The only reason I rated these 4/5 is because they could maybe blow more air. However, I''m still glad I got a pair and can see myself purchasing more in the future.
Okay, if there were 6 stars, this thing would get it. Only 99 cents? Hell ya!
not good
well unfortunately this didnt fit onto my power supply 24 pin cable. dont ask me how. thats pretty sad.
when i first installed this i was getting leaks and was angry. two o rings come on top part of the prong. i had to remove both and place one under the prong between the barb and the radiator. maybe i should have known this but w/e. if the barb came like this id say 5 stars. the red coloring looks very sharp