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Great Little Radiator
Quality is very high. No debris inside when delivered, no damaged fins, no issues with workmanship. Performance, is fantastic with slow fans. My build will end up with 3 of these cooling a GTX 980, 3960X, R4G MOSFETs, and the RAM. So far I have two cooling the CPU, GPU, and MOSFETs without issues and very reasonable temps. The screw stops that prevent damage to the fins are brilliant and very simple.
Really nice
Inside my case about 4 feet from my head the pump is essentially silent up until about 70%. From 70-100 it is a quiet, fairly low pitched hum, and is not at all annoying. Compared to my DCP 4.0 pump it is night and day as far as noise is concerned. This pump at 100% is about the same volume as my DCP 4 at 30%. Flow rate is great similar to my DCP 4. Pump stays very cool to the touch and has no issues being run with the output facing upwards. This is now my go to pump, small, cheap, cool, strong, quiet. All wins.
Best TIM on the market
I have been using this on my 3960x since the 3960x was released. I recently removed my waterblock for cleaning after 22 months of use, most of it with the pc turned on 24/7. It was still liquid, and I simply used the brush and tiny bit more Ultra and reinstalled the block with no impact on performance. A little goes a long way! 25c ambient 1.4 volts 4.7 ghz 2x 240 rads with gentle typhoon 1150s in push/pull and a 1x140 with push/pull yate loon low speed fans. Idle temp - 25c Gaming/Cinebench/most things - 55c max Prime95 - 65c I saw 4-5c improvement over any other TIM I had tried up to initially installing this, which is why it has been installed so long, there was no need to try anything else... ever.