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Looks nice but should have been included.
This piece is not worth $15 and shame on XSPC for not including it with their reservoir. The old reservoir came with everything you needed for mounting so you could buy a bare pump. Now you have to buy a full pump or add this to your order, either way increasing the cost by $15.
This is the pump to get!
As long as this pump is not rigidly mounted to your case and not in a bay reservoir it will be silent even at 100% pump speed. Do what you need to do to ensure it is decoupled from your case. If you put it in a bay reservoir you may have to play around with the reservoir mounting to get it silent. Any vibrations that transfer into the case are going to make the pump loud. Regardless of mounting though when the CPU is at idle this pump will be silent because of it reducing the pump speed. I have had mine for over a year running 24/7 and I bought it used with a x20 radiator but now it is in a XSPC Res/Top. Very happy with this thing!
Only thing better is the EK 250ML
I don''t know why but this thing is 2cm longer than the EK MultiOption 250 and the EK can take fitting on the side of the bottom or underneath so you don''t need 90s if you are getting in tight. So figuring 90s on top of this you will have a good 3CM more room to work with on the EK. This fit in my case just fine but a Obsidian 800d is more like a coffin.
Great res for great pumps!
Can count on XSPC for great DDC performance. Only wish they made a version that was 2 pumps single loop. I know you can make it work on this but really who runs 2 loops? Show offs and folders? I''d rather make sure I am never letting a radiator sit idly by doing nothing!