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Significant upgrade, with a few quibbles
I had an Ikonik Ra X10 + a Thermaltake BigWater 760is on the same loop cooling a 2600k and 2x 480SLI. One of the cards died and in the process of troubleshooting my iconik pummp died. I went with this set up cooling the 2600k and a 580gtx. My GPU temps at idle are 10 degrees cooler and my CPU at idle are 8-10 degrees cooler. More significantly, my OC is stable with basic testing at 4.6GHZ and CPU temps only in the mid 50''s using Prime95. This is with the 580gtx further OC''ed to 910 GPU clock. With the old set up I would be pushing mid to high 60''s on a lower OC (4.0 GHZ). Great flow rate on this! Couple cons: 1) 3rd fan / radiator reduces space significantly in the top 5.25 bay. 2) I''d prefer a couple less HD slots and another 5.25 slot (make the front intake fan a bit smaller if need be) 3)The trays don''t handle my card reader. Once you take off the front panel of a 5.25 bay there isn''t enough room for the card reader to be inserted properly. I just re-used my old tray, but it reduces the aesthetics a lot. 4) NEED MUCH BETTER documentation on the CPU plates for the mobo and installation.