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Simon Coombs (6) Results: 1-6 of 6
You get what you pay for
I have to admit that I thought these were more than a little pricey, and they were in and out of my shopping cart before finally making it into my third order! It''s only when you have them in your hands that you fully appreciate the quality. Thoroughly recommended.
Don''t even consider anything else
I''ve tried both alternatives and neither one comes even close. Works everytime, even on stubborn items like Corsair''s PSU cables.
Oozes quality
I purchased these for my pump, the rotary version for the cpu water block and the angled version for my radiator. They''re terrific. Surprisingly heavy for their size (to my mind weight generally equates to quality).
Worth the price
Solid, heavyweight feel to them. Feels like a quality product once you have it in your hand.
Not the whitest white
Compared to the sleeving I purchased at the same time (Bitspower), this looks a little off-white.