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sazle3999 (11) Results: 1-11 of 11
Tension = Safe
These are great extensions. I used these to mount a drainage system to my pump/res combo. They have lots of tension, but when they turn, they have plenty pull so they ensure that they won''t leak. They have great flow and make a tight connection.
Tough to turn
These are great. Frozen cpu doesn''t sell the black sparkle with a metal handle which is too bad because those seem like they would have a much sturdier handle. The handle doesn''t seem like it will break, but it wobbles a little when you turn kt. I would recommend this with a dual rotary extender so it can spin to get it upright.
This is a great mod kit. It is high quality metal and has a great feel. I added this with the pump top and upgrade kit.
Solid Top
I put this together with the upgrade kit and mod kit. This thing is awesome! It also weighs a complete ton. Has great ports and comes with plugs which saves you 20 bucks.
Feels just as good as the original o-rings that came with the pump. Package comes with 2 o rings.
Works as it should. Gives me 2 extra ports compared to the original one with my res.
Heavy duty, brass ports. Great for adding a drain port.
Solid Plug
Works just like it should. Can hand tighten pretty much all the way
Careful With Your Order
This is a set of 2 fittings. I realize now it says pair in the product title but I didn''t notice that for 3 weeks so I bought the enhanced versions because they were 5 dollars cheaper. I was unaware I got 2 with this package though.