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techienerd01 (1) Results: 1-1 of 1
Great pump... for the hour it lived
I recently purchased this pump, and I got it all installed and I was so happy to see my first watercooling system work! I was going to let it test run for a day or so before I applied power to the rest of my components so I avoided fried circuitry. But that never happened. I powered it off to adjust a pipe fitting (tightening one of the clamps) and it never turned back on. There wasn''t so much as a sound coming from it indicating that it was still trying to pump something out. I RMAed the pump to Swiftech this past Wednesday, and the pump arrived at Swiftech on the following day. So far, not so much as an email or a call from them saying if I was getting a new one or my old broken one. All in all, I wish I could have had the whole system running, but I''m glad I didn''t because then I would have been out a CPU and a Pump. Great pump while it worked... hopefully we get another soon.