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darkfall13 (5) Results: 1-5 of 5
Does what it needs to
Nice black on black and more than enough length for most builds. My pet peeve with this cable though was a wire from each 3-pin heading to the Molex end were entangled, I had to dismantle the molex end to straighten them out.
LOUD! But does it''s job
Can I stress how loud this is again?! But that''s the trade-off for such a high CFM from such a small fan. I got this for my North Bridge; it was running at 75C and after installing this and applying new thermal compound; and immediately regretting it and putting an inline resister to drop voltage to 7V (can''t even hear it anymore through the drone of my radiator and case fans) my NB temps dropped to 43C.
The bee''s knees
This stuff works like a dream! My North Bridge Mosfets run considerably cooler now! I wasn''t aware when I purchased it though it''s not like a foam pad like what''s regularly on Mosfets, it''s more like play-dough, it''s soft, and malleable, and easily cuttable with just the plastic protector on the pad. So had to be careful with the placement since it doesn''t stick in the normal sense of the word.