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ICONIK (3) Results: 1-3 of 3
Does the Job, Feels Overpriced
This tech station definitely does the job just fine. It is what you would expect it to be. I do agree with one of the earlier responses -- It is priced too high. I expected a level of fit and finish I just didn''t get. Several parts feel very cheap(grey legs, PCI card bar). It does craft together nicely though, so I can''t complain too much. Overall, yes this is a good buy. Would be much better prices $20-$30 cheaper.
Good, But With Questions
First off, no doubt this thing will do exactly what I need it to do. It is in working condition and is in one piece. That being said, I do have my issues with it. The box it came in was completely smashed, not a huge deal, this pad isn''t made of glass. My other issue is that the pad I got appears to have been previously used. I don''t know if the marks on mine indeed came from being use, perhaps they can from the damaged box or from the way these are made. I don''t know, but I did expect the overall look and craftsmanship to be a bit better. When running my hand across the surface of the pad, I can feel little bits of rubber that have rubbed off the surface. Again, not sure if this is normal or a defect -- Maybe I''ll find out over time. Don''t get me wrong, it''s a good pad and will serve its purpose. I''m not going to exchange it because it isn''t physically missing anything or damaged beyond simple marks across the pad. I do think I may look somewhere else for my next pad to see if what I see on this unit is par for the course.