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More fans than headers
I love this cable it`s built well and makes hooking up four fans on a quad radiator a breeze.
Cool it down
This is a very powerful radiator well built and holds a ton of water, I am using it to cool my two GTX 480 FTW in my rig and keeps them under 100F idle and under 130F loaded.
Nice fit
These are great, the o-ring seats well and I have not had any leaks.
Great for tight places
These work perfectly, the o-ring seats great and I have had no leaks.
Lots of water
This thing is great, I am using this with an ASUS Sabertooth 990FX and I had no issues fitting it on the board. I have the pump hooked up to the boards PWM connector and the pump speed stays low and very quiet but when the need for more flow arises this pump can really move some water, although at full speed the noise level is noticeable. I like the fact that you can adjust the in and out flow ports up and down to fit your needs, and I also like the color plates that come with the pump again for a more custom fit to your system. The bad, when I received my pump the mounting brackets where not usable they have tiny little nut plates that are pressed in to the bracket to secure it to the pump, mine where pushed out and stripped so I couldn`t mount it. I contacted Swiftech and they without question sent me a set of replacement brackets, so if you have any problems just contact them they will take care of you.