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Tried and True
It''s copper sulfate, which has been used for centuries as a fungicide, pesticide, herbicide, and various other applications. I get a lot of these for free, or nearly free, when buying kits from FrozenCPU and other sites. There seems to be a surge (based on my clients'' specifications) in custom water-cooled builds in the last couple of years. These drops have performed great when used in conjunction with a pure copper or silver coil/plug/coin (yeah, I had a somewhat weird customer that used a 1 troy ounce American Silver Eagle coin in his loop). Use these two with a cheap solution of distilled water with 2.5% to 4% hy-per-lube super coolant(go to an automotive parts store) and you will only need to flush out the system every 2 years. BTW, 2.5% coolant to 97.5% distilled is a 1:39 ratio (4% coolant to 96% distilled is 1:24). Just don''t go overboard on the coolant or you will have dezincification if you have any brass in your loop. However, I am digressing. These are great with 100% distilled water loops or used in combination with other substances.