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Tried and True
It''s copper sulfate, which has been used for centuries as a fungicide, pesticide, herbicide, and various other applications. I get a lot of these for free, or nearly free, when buying kits from FrozenCPU and other sites. There seems to be a surge (based on my clients'' specifications) in custom water-cooled builds in the last couple of years. These drops have performed great when used in conjunction with a pure copper or silver coil/plug/coin (yeah, I had a somewhat weird customer that used a 1 troy ounce American Silver Eagle coin in his loop). Use these two with a cheap solution of distilled water with 2.5% to 4% hy-per-lube super coolant(go to an automotive parts store) and you will only need to flush out the system every 2 years. BTW, 2.5% coolant to 97.5% distilled is a 1:39 ratio (4% coolant to 96% distilled is 1:24). Just don''t go overboard on the coolant or you will have dezincification if you have any brass in your loop. However, I am digressing. These are great with 100% distilled water loops or used in combination with other substances.
Great Controller
This controller does what it needs to do and it can handle the rated power. I am running 10x 5.4W 140mm fans, a 140mm 1.8W fan, and 2x 4.56W 120mm fans on 3 of the channels. The last channel handles my D5 vario pump. Specifically, there are 6x 140mm high speed + pressure fans in push/pull on a 420mm radiator on channel 0 (32.4W), 4x 140mm high speed + pressure fans in push/pull on a 280mm radiator and a 140mm exhaust fan on channel 1 (21.6W + 1.8W = 23.4W), and 2x 120mm very high speed + pressure fans in push only on a 240mm radiator on channel 2 (9.12W). I am very impressed with this controller but there is one issue I have that made me drop one point on the rating: the control sliders stick out a good 12mm to 13mm (0.5") and will prevent cases with front doors from closing properly. I had this issue and had to pull the sliders off and replace them with some NZXT black plastic sliders that, ironically, fit perfectly and only stuck out about 3mm with the face of this unit. Also, again ironically, the NZXT sliders look like they were meant for this Lamptron controller. There are jumpers that allow you to set the LEDs to different colors and the colors will adjust in brightness the same way as you adjust the fan speed with the sliders.