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Amazing performance.. however....
... these things are louder than they say at full bore. the 3 i have in my Corsair Air540 (2 top, one rear) combined with the 3 CM pwm''s in front and the 2 CM pwm''s on the Noctua air cooler ... they''re louder than all 5 of those combined. and the CM''s are supposed to be louder per fan....
Pretty decent little kit
I was able to lap ONE heatsink with this. If you keep the paper nice and wet -- you wont have as much of a "not enough paper" issue. the size is a little small on the pieces and the "glass" but if you take your time, and work with what you get, its a great little kit. Saved me from having to throw out my Hyper 212 evo that i didn''t store properly and got the base all messed up. got most of the scratches and nicks out.