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Very good MBR
This tubing has a very low maximum bend radius, especially for 1/2"x3/4" tubing. I was able to loop this tubing between two connections approximately 3" from one another without any kink (I also had PrimoChill''s anti-kink coils on there, but that wasn''t necessary). I would not call this bloodshed red though. It is more of a red-orange (closer to red than orange though). Granted this is without colored liquid running through it which might make it look darker.
Kinks Easily
I ordered some of this and it''s not too bad for what you pay. It kinks very easily though.
Sturdy, but kinks
Definitely sturdy and durable. You''ll need a tubing/PVC cutter to get clean cuts. But be aware that this does not have that great of a bend radius and when it kinks, you will see a mark in the tubing where it kinked.
No leaks.
I used several of these in my system and all of them are great. No leaks with any of them. Keep in mind with compression fittings to put something between the channel locks and the fitting to avoid removing the finish (if you even care).
Not a leak.
I used a few of these and they all work quite well. No leaks with them and they rotate very smoothly. They feel durable and I''m not worried about how they''ll hold up. Just keep in mind to put something between the channel locks and compression fitting when tightening to avoid removing the finish.
Scientifically Proven
It works. All you need is distilled water and a silver coil. Just drop it in your res (or T line if you don''t use a res) and you''re good to go.
Not too loud.
I have a few of these external to my case and even at 100% they are still fairly quiet. Every now and then you might get one that is a little louder, but I just let it run at 100% for a while and it seemed to get quiet like the rest.