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Good high flow fan but it is loud!
Yes this fan does have 100+cfm but the noise level aka db is nowhere near its stated 21db its more like 29-34db. I am using it as a heatsink fan so it might be slightly louder then if you used it as a case fan but still was louder then i expected it to be. If you want a quiet 140mm fan chose the Blue Vortex 140mm its 66cfm at 15-16db.
Good quiet 40mm fan
This Sunon Maglev replaced the stock Sunon 35mm assist fan that comes with the asus sabertooth z77 motherboard. It sounds more like 12db its damn near silent even with your ear right next to the fan. It flows the same cfm as the stock fan it replaced and 3 times quieter very happy with this fan.