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You get what you pay for with Noctua
Had these fans running on my rad on a 4.8 overclocked 8350 and it''s running an awesome 35c idle with load temps in the mid 50s quiet and cool running the Noctua fans are without a doubt the best money can buy. I have three on a 360 rad and they do this in a pull configuration as I don''t want a push as to much dust will enter my system. Dust Nazi!!!LOL
Little suprised to find this.....
My first batch of primochill tubing was great by got dyed easily by the red I was using. My bad on that one......however, the replacement batch went cloudy in a week and put so much plastiser in my components I spent 12 hours cleaning everything out. went with masterkleer instead....sorry primochill the germans just do it better
It''s red....thats about the only good part...
Figured I have a little UV red in my All red system. Bought this and was really hoping the best since it was from Mayhems line up. Clear tubing check! Fittings tight? Check! UV? Double check! Guess what. It took two weeks for the UV to appear and then it stained my tubing. What a let down. I thought Mayhems was better than this since the UV blue was spectacular. Just didn''t work with an all red system. After replacing my 240 rad for a 360 I discovered the tubing had indeed ben stained a lovely shade of reddish pink. So now I have an extra cost to my system I hadn''t planned on. Next time I stay with clear UV blue and deal with my anti-blue thoughts by myself.
Incredible performer on a high overclocked 8350
Got this rad to replace my 240 XSPC kit rad. It was working just not like I had hopes for. This rad is incredible. On a 4.8 GHz 8350 on Prime 95 the highest temp I got was 48c. Of course the noctua fans helped a bit*LOL*.
absolutely impressed....
I am impressed with this pump. Coming from an XSPC X20 bay res pump tis thing blows it away. PWM and flow speeds over 1200 gallons per hour!!! Glad I had a panic attack and ordered this with the Monsoon series bay res. The two make a great team. easy to assemble and totally easy to put in. I''m going to keep my replacement XSPC bay res combo for my future build for my girls. Next on the agenda? a new 360 rad. this was the best improvement I could have made. Buy this pump!*!*!**!
Nice but a little stiff
This extension was perfect with the only problem being it was a bit stiff to bend around to my MOBO connector. I got it hooked up though and all seems to be well. Perfect color for my case color scheme too. Thanks again Frozen CPU for carrying great products
so how much do I have to add again???
Was really excited when ordering this product. Figured I had Mayhems pastel yellow in my system how neat would it be to order some UV CCFL''s and have a low vis system. I added the CCFL''s and added the dye. Added some more dye.....some more dye...and then more dye. HEck the whole bottle!!! My tubes should be radioactive by now. NOPE. Just a nice subtle, barely there glow. Not impressed with this product. It doesn''t mix well with the pastel line as advertised. Maybe in straight water but not in another mayhem fluid mixed right.
All the review said it was a bright set. Not impressed. OF course if I had done my research on mayhems dyes I might have had better luck. Not going to knock these little CCFL''s to hard, they try.