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They switch
The light is labeled as "amber" on the packaging, rather than orange--which is yellower than it is orange. Also, even at full voltage, the light is incredibly dim--barely visible under typical lighting conditions. Latching switch mechanism works well, and that earns it a couple stars. Otherwise, save your money, and just get a non-illuminated switch. I ended up returning 4 of these
Work very well, for what they are
You''d think, that, if xspc sells twin LED systems, they''d fit their blocks (raystorm intel and amd cpu blocks, titan blocks and ram blocks all tested--only thing they fit is XSPC glass reservoir, but that only accepts one LED), however don''t. at all. I later found out that they sell a 3mm version, not as bright, that do fit, but don''t sell a twin-tailed version--the heck? Great lighting solution if you need a massive LED, though.
Best pump I''ve dealt with
Works very well, and since the vario gives a tad more speed, than the non version, its worth in that regard as well.
Worked well!
No complaints! Solid construction, as always, from XSPC
Works much better than expected.
Used this to connect two radiators, aside each other--couldn''t have worked any better! I had a lot of trouble finding a solution to the design (fitting 4 240x120 radiators in a Prodigy case--yeah, you read that right). All I needed to do was file down the internal bridge a bit, as it constricted flow--but not difficult, and it was necessary for its intended application. My only concern is, that I may need to replace every few years, as the only thing sealing is 2 "O" rings, per arm--as a preventative of leaks.
Excellent product!
I ordered a few of these for my original build (just a cpu loop) and they work perfectly!! However, I was expanding and needed two more, and the new ones had barbs sticking out 1/4in+ past the ring!! Impossible to use for tight corners, and needed some rearrangement--also, because they''re so long, the tubing was twisting like mad when I tried to install them. TL:DR shoula complained, but if you get what you see in the picture--they''re the best you''ll ever get.