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Barb Review
I don''t have a new-expensive computer it''s 2 years old expensive. But it still plays all the best games np. thanks to water cooling. I wouldn''t go cheap on anything water related in any electronics. Best to be safe and not sorry and out 750+ dollars. These barbs have a very nice smooth finish, makes for a good seal. The O-rings are a relief, don''t need to go to hardware store for that. BUT. I would have given a 5 yet at this price without hose clamps cmon? I did need to go to the store for that bringing the score to 4. I bought these to put a second rad in the loop. BIG temp drop. I trust these barbs to not leak and kill my computer!
best all in one sealed in box for under 200 dollars
I just bought this to cool down a 775 quad extreme chip.. very hot chip. I was amazed at how My thermalright monstrous heatsink was keepin it at 120idle 135F load (no overclock)This small system dropped the temp 30* F amazing with my chip. I then bought a waterblock for nb and this is made for up to 5 blocks! I have 2 blocks now and added a 2nd radiator. not even stressing the pump! This will work with any new board/chip you upgrade to. This is made to be customized or left alone as is! just is the best by far, check the videos. that''s what sold me.. they compare it with its comp it''s better in every single way..... Great in future if you want to upgrade. This is for you too!