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Cheap, simple, and it works!
Been running this in my home server for almost 2 years now with Koolance UV Red fluid and soft tubing. 2 Drops every 6 months on the dot. It''s cheap, it''s easy, and it works. What more can you ask for?
Nice well-rounded performer
I have two of these and I really like them. They run at 5V but LED''s are brightest at 12V. Clear frame is solid and fan blades are all white. Cables are pre-sleeved in black. Believe the 83 CFM rating, lots of air moving at full speed but not too noisy; very quiet at low RPM''s. Great fan overall!
Not a "Monsta" but still beefy
Very nice radiator if you want to go thick and juicy but just cannot fit the Monsta version. Keeps my Intel G860 CPU for my home server idling at 25 C; server duties at 30 C; Prime95 at 40 C. Multiple in/out options and comes with all the plugs and screws you should need to setup in push/pull.
Great as long as I stick to the factory config
Dirt cheap, very durable acrylic, and comes with everything (two plugs, two 3/8" barbs, two 1/2" barbs, 2 pairs of clamps for both sizes, and all mounts and hardware). I swapped the bottom plug for the barb to use that as the Outlet port to my pump''s inlet port and I immediately got a slow-drip leak from the bottom. Went back to the original configuration and voila no leaks. Mounting was very decent, just went through an existing hard drive hole in my Fractal''s upper hard drive rack, and an open space for the bottom portion but needed some Velcro for additional support at the base. I would definitely buy this and use this reservoir again but only based on using inlet/outlet on the side.