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This Akasa Super Slim USB in Lime Green
My young son just loves this cable, and it works great with his RCA RCT6378W2 7" tablet. He can use it to connect it to his computer and the Roku, and he can also play his music & videos on my trucks Alpine INE-Z928HD as well. Thanks for having this item in stock, and Akasa for making such a great product.
These Silverstone 140mm Ultra Fine Filters
These are being used on my Ultra Defender II all black case, as air intake filters beneath the front bezel of this case. Work great and already seeing small particles of dust collecting on it, hasn''t even been 5 minutes yet and seeing these filters doing their job.
These Silverstone 120mm Magnetic UF Fan Filters
I don''t know what else I can say about these dust & pet hair capturing filters, other then they work great and do a really good job. Thanks Silverstone & for keeping these in stock...
1/4" Bitspower Sleeving in Black
I received this today(10/19/13) & used this to sleeve my Thermaltake TR2-M12 CPU coolers wires, plus the wires to the front panel HHD LED, Power SW, Reset SW and P +/- LED'' connections. Easy to use, makes for clean look inside, now I don''t see red, yellow, blue, green & orange wires anymore.
This Bitfenix 4-pin ATX Extension Cable
I bought 2 of these and used 1 on my sons Cooler Master Elite 430 and the other on my Ultra Defender II(both have side windows), now we don''t have to look at the ugly P4 ATX red, yellow & black wires anymore. What a great extension cable, Thanks for keeping these in stock, and Bitfenix for making these as well...
These Gold Plated Molex Pins
I use these when I have to replace old molex pins that give me grief, while using my female molex pin remover because the little wings bend inward or break off while changing plastic connectors. These are a great product and hold up really well, Thanks for keeping on hand for us modders.
These Silverstone Ultra Fine 120mm Filters
I ordered 2 of these and the install was quick and painless, and I already see some dust particles & pet hair accumulating on it. And they let the fans LED lights show through a lot better, then the two Masscool 120mm ABS Plastic Foam Fan Filter that I was using. Thanks for having these in stock FrozenCPU, kudos!!
These Bitenix SATA Power Adapters
I unboxed, unwrapped, hooked up & turned on my son''s comp - and walla!!, his all black case and mobo look a lot better now - not having red, yellow, orange, blue & green wires showing inside now. These work great and look good and are 34" long, not 20cm like the item header says - that''s only 7.87". Thanks Again!!!!
These Female Gold Plated Pins
These are of good quality metal and very good overall, as I had no trouble with them at all. The 4 metal wings that clamp to the cable sleeve and wire, don''t brake off like the cheap and inferior pins you get elsewhere. Great stuff - Great stuff...
Bitspower 3/8" Tight Weave Deluxe Black Sleeve
This stuff is "AWESOME" and doesn''t fray like Mod/Smart does, and is a slightly better quality then TechFlex. All in all, It''s a great product at a fare price, and very easy to use and add to your cable modding. Thanks Again, another order from you well done...
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