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mcfool123 (7) Results: 1-7 of 7
Good Extender
Used this to attach res to pump couldn''t have been simpler.
Good Price for quality
The price is great and twists very easily
Quiet and fast
Very quiet and moves a lot of water just wish they told you water flow got it all set up and had the intake as out take and outake as in.
Great TIM
I''ve tried many other tim''s while working in a computer shop and have to say this is the best for the price that I have come across. Need to try the shin-etsu but when it comes to my personal rigs I will use this. While it does scuff the IHS and cooler a little it''s just surface marks and wont affect anything. On cpu (NH-D14) I saw a 5-6 degree drop instantly. As for gpu it was only about a 2-3 drop on average but the max is down about 5.