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Bitspower G1/4 Thread Flow Senso (12) Results: 1-12 of 12
Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Triple 120mm Radiator - 80mm Thick
This rad is a monsta! Just like the name of it. I am using this rad in a loop with a Swiftech D5 variable speed pump, Aquacomputer Aqualis Pro 450ml reservoir, Bitspower flow sensor, XSPC mosfet block, Koolance 380i CPU block, and I also got the Gentle Typhoon Ap-29 fans rewired to be controlled with a Aerocool touch 2000 fan controller. When running the fans at 1600rpm its very quiet and at 3000rpm it gets a little loud however I can handle it considering I am running 49c-51c (fluctuates) on prime95 for 1hr. CPU is 3930k overclocked to 4.3 MB is ASUS Rampage 4 Gene Ram is 32gb 1866 Gskill Ripjaws. I want to get another Monsta when I get my Nvidia GTX780 and put it on a separate loop.
Alphacool G1/4 Thread 1/2" (13mm) ID FatBoy Barb - Chrome
Excellent barbs, its been several months with no issues, no leaks, and no flaking. These are also nicely machined. I always use thread tape on all my fittings. IMHO you should too. Could be that''s why other people had leaks possibly. I love these fittings.
AquaComputer Aqualis PRO Scratch Resistance Reservoir w/ LED holder (34039)
This reservoir has excellent materials and machining as well as borosilicate glass which is built to last. I have no leaks and has been in use for several months. I splurged for 6 LEDS and an LED distribution board. It looks amazing in my case with the waterfall effect and lights. I only wish there was a water line output on the bottom of the reservoir. The bottom output would be nice for installation in smaller towers or putting a strait line to a t-fitting with a drain valve at that D5 pump you may have at the bottom of your loop. Other than that I love this reservoir.
Swiftech MCP655 Variable Speed 12v Water Pump w/ G1/4 Thread Ports (Perfectly Tapped)
This pump works very well for my loop which consists of a 360 rad, CPU block, and mosfet block. Smooth and quiet. It didn''t like my chipset block and choked out a dribble on setting 4, setting 5 heated up the water too much, without the chipset block this pump hurled the water into the reservoir, so I backed it down to setting 4 again. All is perfect now, I have been using this for several months now and no issues.
IandH Dead-Water Copper Sulfate Biocidal PC Coolant Additive
Got this and a silver plug for use with distilled water. Its been several months and is as clear as can be still. I will be doing regular bi-monthly water changes.