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Soft and easy to use. A little difficult to slide over barbs, but seals tight. I''ve noticed a slight brown discoloration after just a couple of weeks though.
Within 24 hours, I had a leak at the center port. After correcting that, it developed a leak at the seam between the top plate and side plates (Not sure why they weren''t one piece.) I put gasket sealer around it which fixed that leak, but a week later the center seal began leaking yet again and this time I couldn''t fix it. I replaced it with an EK.
They clamp. Not well. Not tight. I had to use pliers to get them tight enough to not spin and they aren''t exactly easy to remove. Forget about UV reactive. They don''t react at all. Not even a little.
Nothing special. They can''t be seen after install, so being UV was about a waste.
I think these would be better than the Phobyia''s I ordered, but I can''t get the hose on them! I tried for a couple of hours before giving up.