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Great Rad
I added this to an XSPC Raystorm AX360 kit with an additional to cool my motherboard, CPU, and GPU. It is easy to install and looks/feels very well-constructed. I overclocked my i7-4770K to 4.6 GHz, and pushed the base & memory clocks on my GTX 780 ti ~150MHz over factory settings. The hottest my components have gotten UNDER LOAD so far is 30C!! After my experience with this build, XSPC has my business for life.
Works great
Does exactly what you hope it does. looks good and connects cleanly. I stock up on all kinds of extensions when I''m doing a build, really opens up your options for clean cable management.
Highly recommend
If your case has a window, a 24-pin MoBo cable extension is a must. You''d be surprised how big an effect it has on the overall appearance of your components. The cable that comes out of the PSU is really sloppy and clunky, adding the extension really cleans it up and makes everything look more planned. I went with white because I thought it would subtly pick up the blue glow of my various LEDs, and it worked out great.
High quality fittings
Very high quality fittings, look and feel substantial and well-made. They are also about as gorgeous as something like this could be. One thing to note about 90 adapters in general is that it is a really extreme angle. While planning my loop I expected to need 4 of these, and only ended up using 1. I used 45 for the other 3
Awesome fittings
Very high quality fittings. They look very precisely machined and feel heavy for their size. They can be easily rotated by hand, but are not loose and will stay where you leave them. They also just plain look awesome, more like something you''d be more likely to see in a hot rod than a PC. Word of advice: get more 45 fittings than you think you will need. Many of the sections of your loop that you expect to be straight-on will actually be subtly offset, and most sections that look like they will need a 90 bend will actually be better-suited to a 45.
Excellent fittings
These fittings look and feel very high quality. I''d recommend keeping a needle-nose and regular pliers close by, because you are not going to be able to fully tighten these by hand (but always tighten as much as possible by hand first to avoid cross-threading). Sure they are harder to work with than barbs, the tight fit means no leaks and they look MUCH cooler.