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Good Pump, but Very loud.
I am using 2 Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 with Xspc 1 CPU block. Good Very good pump. Compact good size. 1 pump you gets 2x-2.5X more flow rate then the mcp-655 PMW max rpm. I warn you, you will hear it. I pad it the noise down with sound block foam. You will still hear it. Bad. I recommend buy two mcp-655 PWM over this. although very expansive. Much quieter. I think 3 MCP-655 @ MAX then You would the same noise level as this pump @ to 6-7.5v.
No idea good or bad, but i will tell you what i think.
This Radiators is very good in people''s review that why i brought it. My Flow rate do drops a bit maybe my loop step up? No idea. I get little less then .45 GPM using 1 MCP-655 PWM Max Rpm. my setup is 2x UT60 Full Radiator and XSpx CPU block. The copper plug come with it a bit soft, so make sure you keep a extra.
Good barb compare to XSPC barbs.
Buy this. This is a good Barb. No leak what so ever. I had few XSPC barb, which leak LOL.