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Surface prep will "make-or-break" the job
Everything has to be shiny as mirror-shiny because the stuff literally Alloys" to the mating surfaces. ...Now if we could just get it by the 1-Gallon bottle to use a coolant!
Too tall if you want to make a 2-slot card into a 1-slot card
After mounting, this waterblock is about 0.40" too tall to mount another card in the slot directly beside it.
Avoid This pump
A properly designed pump can last a long, long time. The version of this pump I bought (Best case) lasted about 14 months under *good* conditions. Then a "current sense'' resistor inside the pump system catastrophically failed, and that was the end of the pump! (I''m an electrical engineer do we ran a postmortem in it in my lab). Prior to the pump failing outright; I tried making(gentle adjustments to the pump''s operating parameters , via the provided windows control software provided. This a a VERY impressive program, that when complete, its going to give some commercial automation providers a run for their money! This I could only work with about half the settings the manufacturer claimed available. tl/dr Good enough to use but not good enough for productions Check back 6 months.