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Rob D (5) Results: 1-5 of 5
Very useful multi fan board
This is great for plugging in a bunch of fans and controlling the voltage/speed for cheap! Only negative is the bright LED red light (I hid the board). At first my fans didn''t easily plug into the ports, but still fit. This should be considered over much more expensive fan controllers.
Easy way to get a 140mm fan to fit on your case
My case doesn''t have great air flow, and this enabled me to use a 140mm fan on the back of my case. There was an improvement in my CPU temps switching to 140mm on the back of my case, after the radiator.
Useful Radiator Shroud, but floppy
I would give these shrouds a better review if they had more structure and didn''t warp with non square fans. The edges of your fan need to be square or gaps form. A perfect shroud for me would be one with metal or plastic in the middle and rubber outside for sound (I don''t think it exists).
Looks nice
Looks good on my black fans.