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Hell_Hunterii (16) Results: 1-16 of 16
Good in theory, but does not work with MSI / Gigabyte
Bought this as I thought it would be cool for my build. Looks nice, however doesn''t work at all for me. System shuts down like normal despite the coutdown timer. Tested on gigabyte and MSI boards. Would not recommend.
Its heavy, built like a tank and it works. Removes male and female pins.
good quality tool
lasted for an entire build, nice thick steel. Will bend if you over do it, but wont snap off like the cheap knock off''s. Do yourself a favor and fork out the extra few bucks to get this, saves you time and headaches.
cheap and it works
nice black connector, bought it with the 4 pack of pins. worked perfectly. Lots of room for heartshrink-less sleeving.
Used this for a 12v lighting distribution block. the only one ive found that doesn''t have resistors built in. Arrived with 2 bent pins, bent them back and it works fine. For 6 bucks you cant go wrong. Use the 1 pin dupont connectors for this.
Great stuff!
Great stuff! flexible and looks nice. Goes around 45 degree bends nicely. Would grab more in the future.
great product
worked great for me, no leaks! Looks nice too.
the best
Hands down the best tubing ive used, would take this over tygon any day. nice clean bends, no kinks and very clear with no film on them.