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ver3.1 pumps DOA
I bought one of these directly from koolance and it got lost in Christmas mail. they sent me another one and it was DOA. Koolance would not replace it because I had replaced the top with an acrylic one. So I ordered the MP350 from Swiftech, basically the same pump. (ver3.1) It too was DOA. but I had tested this pump first on the bench Filled and primed it, turned it on and nothing, no pumping, no sound, no smell. Reads open across the leads. Swiftech did RMA the pump but it will take weeks. I have ordered the "Danger Den" model from FrozenCPU. It is a newer ver.3.2 and I will review it when it arrives. All 3 are made by Laing and is the perfect size for where I need to put it.
works good, looks good
These are actually more yellow than green and glow very brightly in uv light. Works on 1/2 inch and 12mm tubing.
snap and release just fine
always use pliers to close and just twist the ear with needle nose to release.
Good connectors for the price
They seal and hold better than barbs and take up less space. Produces a very neat, professional look.
Perfect for 1/2 x 3/4 case pass through.
Use a 1-1/2" hole saw and file off the burr.