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Philip (2) Results: 1-2 of 2
Near worthless out of the box. Terrible paint job.
This grill is wholly disappointing. I bought a 200mm Phobya Extreme (not version 2) a while back and expected this thing to fit like a glove. It does not. It has a much bigger footprint, closer to 230mm than 200, and the holes do not whatsoever line up with the mounting holes on the 200mm radiator. The paint on this is HORRIBLE. Orange peel would be a compliment. There are large bubbles on mine, and it basically looks like sh*t. Quality control fail. I''d send it back, but honestly, I wouldn''t want to see another poor sap deal with this piece of crap. Don''t buy this thing if you think it''s gonna fit. It won''t.