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A few glitches...
One would think that something like this would maintain power to the PSU when shutting down for the CA effect, but it actually allows a full shutdown, then re-powers the PSU for the accessories to the set time limit. But, even then it does not go to the full time allotted, actually shutting down the PSU ~5 seconds before the XSUCAM itself shuts down. Finally, these units are completely incompatible with the Corsair AXi series PSU''s. requests to Bitspower for support on this went unanswered, and ultimately was only able to get a refund after forwarding the issue to FrozenCPU.
MFG changed parts...
Older units were an all metal plug and retaining cap, but the newer units have a clear plastic plug that is plastic, thin & brittle, and leaks! Hopefully Frozen will be able to get the original all metal units and sent these plastic parts back.