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It fits!
The gasket fit my Alphacool 280mm rad no problem. It''s a soft foam material much like weatherstripping for doors in your home. The hole punchouts weren''t perfect but worked perfectly fine
Lines up with 120/240/etc. spacing but beware of end tanks
Reference the images of the radiator *mounts* in use - I wouldn''t call them a stand. I do use them as a stand but you have to make a pedestal beneath the brackets and flip them so the base faces away from the rad to clear end tanks. That said, the holes do line up so 5/5
Correct wiring, solid crimp
I have a couple of these in my system and am happy with them Only one of the two fan connectors has a RPM wire in it, which is the proper thing to do for RPM monitoring to work (and isn''t observed by some other brands) I wanted to disconnect the third wire at the harness for both fan connectors on one of my cables to keep the fan LEDs from lighting and it was difficult - they are crimped really well (opposed to some other brands)
Looks great and fairly kink resistant
I''ve been using these for about a month and they haven''t stained. Supposedly they are plasticizer-free too
They do work but are rather large
I''m using these on 3/8" barb fittings and 3/8"x1/2" Primochill hose. They barely reach to clamp together, so they are about as large as you see in the product photo. My 5/8" of these were too large to fit so it isn''t a mismatch issue I haven''t figured out a great way to unclasp these either. I''m switching to spring clamps