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Excellent fans
I''ve used these on a Black Ice SR1-240 radiator in push configuration. Their large speed range of 800-2000RPM is useful in PWM, and at lower speed their motors don''t make ticking sounds like a lot of competitors. Their small center hub gives a little bit more surface area for airflow. They also come with two 4-pin PWM cables, one short, one long to adjust to different setups. At low speeds they are quiet and have no trouble pushing decent air through radiators. As has been mentioned, because the fan blades are very close to the back edge of the fan, a fan shroud or anti-vibration gasket is required to use them in pull. Top notch fan and one of my favorites ever.
Excellent radiator, but NOT 60mm thick
The box says 85mm thick so it''s not a case of improper box labelling. FrozenCPU has this improperly listed on the site. I was specifically wanting a 200mm, 60mm thick radiator for a Silverstone TJ08-E case because I can fit one without modding the mobo tray, but I guess I''ll have to mod the tray now. Nice rad with a decent fan though.
Kinks too easy
I bought about 8 feet of this stuff because I wanted plasticizer-free tubing. Unfortunately because of the thin wall it kinks very easy. The tubing is very soft and pliable, but you''d be lucky to get less than a 5" diameter curve without having it kink. I''d recommend going 3/8 ID 5/8 OD in this type of tubing instead. It seems to be much more difficult to kink.
Fairly good tubing, kink-resistant and springs back after removal from compression fittings
I bought 12 feet of this and I''m quite happy with it. In contrast to the 3/8-1/2 version, this tubing is much harder to kink, and still is very pliable. I could do a 3-4" diameter curve with it and not require anti-kink coils. My only concern is that compression fittings need to be tightened down quite a bit to keep the tubing fully secure because it compresses more than PVC type tubing. One point off for the prominent Tygon name printed on the sides, but this will probably be my standard for soft tubing going forward for quicker WC builds versus acrylic or PETG tubes.