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one out of 4 leaked :( The red versions have a one piece plastic end which can''t leak, but this has a metal barrel with an acrylic window. In one of the 4 this leaked.
form over function
Look great once installed, but the rotation is extremely stiff which makes fitting them in tight spaces an exercise in sore fingertips. Something like the push-to-lock-rotation system as used in Koolance''s barbs would be fantastic. Also, screw the plug/lightport in before installing these as on my CPU block there was no-room to get the LED lined up to start threading it in. That led to another painful removal and re-install.
pretty good
Similar sound level to my Noctua NF-P12 at the same voltage (essentially silent from outside the case), but doesn''t push quite as much air. Looks about 10 times better than the peach/brown terribleness of the Noctua fans though! How about some PWM versions?
great fan
Good airflow and pretty much silent under 40%, but no matter the speed, always with a smooth acceptable tone.
does the job
nice accurate pins which is refreshing