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xtreme71 (3) Results: 1-3 of 3
Worth it if you build systems or upgrade a lot.
If you are like me and need a lot of room for staging and installing, this is the one to get. Great info on it to. But if you do not work on systems a lot may not be for you.
Best rad out to me.
Got 2 for me new build in a 900d and loved them and not that you put on the stickers yourself no backwords words!! droped my temps on a overclocked amd 8350 black @ 4.82 to 29c normal and 41c on prime 95.
Good deal for the price.
Got one to go with my 2 480s do my 900d case and was pleased that they did not skimp out just because its a smaller rad. The build was just as good as the more expencive ones.