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I am running these fans as a push/pull on a Coolermaster Evo 212 heatsink, and one of these as an additional filtered intake fan. I like running a "mild tweak" overclock instead of super pushing the specs as a lot of people do. I am running an FX8150 Bulldozer @ 4.2Gig and these fans keep my idle temp dead on 35degC at 80% RPM. These fans make noise, but are not noisy, the noise you hear is the rush of airflow from the massive cfm they can produce. Overall these 3 fans have dropped the whole computer temps by 5degC on EVERY component. The overall cooling benefit is astounding, and I am considering purchasing more for another build. My first time shopping experience with Frozen was SPOT ON PERFECTION and I would recommend them to anyone due to prices, selection, and customer service.
These Vipers BITE the air!
Very high quality fan, well made, high cfm airflow, and whisper quiet. I have one as a secondary filtered intake, and one replaced my main rear exhaust. Whole case temps dropped 5degC overall, yes, everything in the case! I have them paired with some CoolJag 120 PWM''s, and my case has become a wind tunnel! I have a mild 4.2Gig overclock on my FX8350 Bulldozer and this fan setup is MORE than adequate to manage temp spikes. My first time experience with Frozen was a pleasure, and has insured I will shop with them again.