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Awesome Rad!!!
I have this at the end of my loop, after two crossfired gpus. It keeps my processor at 36C with my processor and dual gpus overclocked. It looks nice in a corsair carbide.
Does the job like it''s suppose to at a great price...
I bought this for the back of my corsair carbide case. It isn''t very eye appealing but it does the job when it will be hidden at a great price.
Keeps my dual gpus cool...
This does the job. I have it in the loop right after my overclocked processor but before my dual gpus. It keeps my gpu temps at 35 on normal and 39 under load. It is top mounted in my corsair carbide air 540 case and has no issues what-so-ever.
Got 6 and am happy about the purchase
So the title says it all. My build is black and yellow themed and this was the major yellow color in the case aside from the tubing. The fans are good looking and you can barely hear anything unless it is at full-bore, at which point you probably have surround sound on anyways and you''re just itching to get that headshot.
Awesome Tubing and great color
So I got this for my black and yellow themed build and this was the perfect color. I want this to eventually put in some uv light, but for right now this is amazing quality tubing with great color in ambient room lighting.
This does the job
So I got this instead of bitspower fittings to go in the back of my corsair carbide air 540. It does the job at a much better price than the bitspower fittings.
For the CPU
So I got this for the cpu waterblock and I certainly didn''t go wrong. Bitspower always looks good and this makes it easier to get that tubing on the water block since in my situation I couldn''t fit the tubing on until after the waterblock was in the case on the MOBO. Great quality fittings.
Like all other BItspower fittings these are great
Bitspower always comes through with fittings. These are high quality and good looking. If you are planning to show off, even a little, Bitspower is the way to go.