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Amazingly accurate
It was hard to find any information as to the kind of temperature sensor this device uses. My KGPE-D16 board has a thermistor probe input which is compatible with this sensor. I checked the output of the sensor versus a calibrated mercury thermometer, and found the reading to be within 2 degrees C of the actual temperature. This is amazingly accurate for a sensor at this price.
Another great block from Enzotech
I used this block for over two years on my ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution board without an issue. After finaly retiring the board and inspecting the block, it looked as good as day one, without any sludge deposits or corrosion. My only gripe was that it only includes a spring mount pack, so the I was not able to use a 90deg barb and orient it sideways.
Finallly a decent hose clamp
This clamp grabs the tube very well. It is easy to install, and does not require much force to close it, unlike the majority of other plastic clamps. The teeth are larger than on the average clamp, and provide a better grip. I have no complaints about this product.
A very well though waterblock
I needed a block to cool the southbridge on my ASUS KGOE-D16 board. The southbridge heatsink hooks with a clamp, and there are no holes to mount the block with screws. This severely limited my options from within the universal blocks. This waterblock is with nothing other than quality. It offers very little flow restriction. The inclusion of a foam spacer was very important in my case, as I needed something to prevent the block from pressing too hard and chipping the southbridge die. Opening the box, all accessories and the block are arranged as fir display in a foam insert. The mount packs are placed in individual labeled bags. A "spring mount pack", "clip mount pack", and a "hard mount pack" are provided, along with an well illustrated manual on how to use either of the mounting methods. If your board only accepts clip mounting, and the provided clips are the not the right size, no problem; just use the clip that''s already on the board. The included thermal paste is an Arctic Silver Ceramique. This is a top of the line non-conductive thermal compound, and I am impressed than Enzotech decided to include it instead of some no-name compound of questionable quality. This only shows that Enzotech has designed this block as a top product. The set also includes two Enzotech 1/2" high flow barbs. These are my barbs of choice, and by far the best barbs I have ever worked with. Since most blocks don''t even include fittings, these barbs are a great value-add. I didn''t plan to use the barbs on this block, but I did use them on a different part of my cooling loop. Going to the block itself, both the lower and upper piece are made of unplated copper. One complaint I have is that the block did not have a protective sticker on the bottom piece, however, the block is packed well enough that scratches during shipping are not a concern. There is also a plastic piece which covers the top copper part. Clip-mounting requires the removal of this plastic, and an allen wrench is provided to achieve this, as well as a set of shorter screws and washers if one wishes to also remove the metal S-piece used for hard and spring mounting. The only setback I have had with this block was that the G1/4 ports were too close together to fit two EK 16mm solid tube fittings. I had to use a spacer to lift one of the fittings. I believe the same issue would apply to Monsoon and Bitspower fittings. Overall, this block is phenomenal in both features and quality. For me, it was a lifesaver, as I needed to cool my southbridge, which was getting quite hot (77+ C) before I installed this block. The accessories which are included are also top-notch. Enzotech has thought of everything.
This tube is much better than any tube I used in the past. It indeed achieves small bend radii without collapsing, albeit putting a bit of pressure on the fittings. The color is great for a black/red themed build. I used these with 1/2" barbs without an issue.
It works great. Lots of flow. A little on the noisy side, but the PWM control fixes that. The construction is great. Every little part of this pump reaks of quality. I only have two complaints. For one, the wires have no stress relief coming out of the pump''s body. Second, the wires are not sleeved. Both of these issues can be easily solved with a bit of patience. Overall, this is probably the best D5 pump money can buy.
I use this as a drain port for my loop. It feels sturdy and made of 100% American quality. I''ve never had issues or leaks with it.
Amazing looks, great grip, hard to install
Let me start off by saying the build quality of this fitting is amazing. It grabs the tube very well, and takes a fair bit of force to pull it out. It has two O-rings to provide a tight seal. I have yet to see a leak from these fittings. They are much less taller than the EK fittings, and seem to have a slightly better grip. The main problem I have with them is that they''re incredibly difficult to work with. It takes superhuman patience to insert a tube in these. Even the Bitspower Crystal Link tube has a very hard time fitting. I''ve actually had to buy a set of spare O-rings, as I damaged the original ones the first time I tried to insert any tube. I''m taking a point off for it being difficult to insert tubing.
It works
It does what it claims to do, and does it well. I''m not sure how well the blades are held in place, tough I haven''t had any issue with blades coming loose. It works great on acrylic tubing, but leaves a very jagged chamfer on PETG tube.
Average cable sleeving
This sleeve reaks of average: it''s monofilament, the expanded braiding shows large gaps, and it frays easily. It shows the color of the wire underneath, and when sleeving several wires together, the braiding gets so thin that the red looks faded. I normally prevent sleeving from fraying by gently melting the ends. This sleeving will catch on fire if you''re not careful. It''s definitely not self-extinguishing. There is much better sleeving out there.
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