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Use the same model fans for best results
Works great. Allowed me to simplify the fan wiring to my external radiators/fans significantly. If you plug different models of fan into it they will all still run off the PWM signal, but the RPM that is given will only be accurate for the one fan. And to the guy angry about it being a dead-end molex: A pass through on something like this is a fire hazard. People would daisy-chain them together with high watt fans and melt the standard 18g molex wires.
DEEP. Mix outside of loop for color check.
This stuff is no joke. Mixed in the proper amount (1 US gallon) it makes such a DEEP green you might be able to convince people that you have green tubing. I pre-mixed it in gallon of distilled and then decided that I needed about 2-3fl.oz out of the gallon added to an almost full loop for the effect I wanted. All the water in the tubing looks clear (even under UV) but the res has a very nice glow from the UV bar I have behind it.