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Does NOT work with Corsair PWM fans.
Look well built, rather nice splitters actually. Needed to run 4 fans for now and will be adding 2 more when I upgrade one of my radiators to 480mm. The mounting tape on the back is too thin to really mount to anything, I had to remove it and use my own thicker 3M mounting tape. After getting this mounted and all wires ran my fans would only run at 100%. I have been running Speedfan for months on this system running my CPU rad and case fans with out issue. After doing some research on Swiftechs help forums this is a known issue with Corsair PWM fans and this unit. Apparently Corsair fans need a very strong PWM signal to function. Since this has no kind of signal booster built in it will not allow PWM control of (in my case more than 3 fans) more than 4 fans at one time. Not Swiftechs fault, but would have been really nice to know before spending the money and all the time getting these wired into my build.