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Unusable if you want to do this properly. Unusable on 16AWG period.
The first set of wings on the pins are severely too short. These are supposed to go over the wire insulation as a stress relief. They don''t make it around 18AWG insulation. I suppose you could crimp both the stress relief and the crimp tabs onto the wire itself, but you run the very possible risk of breaking the wire strands over time right at the crimped terminal. The stress relief is supposed to be there, and these aren''t designed properly to let you do that. On 16AWG, what I wanted it for, the first crimp decimated the insulation and tore the wire strands apart, completely ruining the wire. The second crimp, where I tried just crimping both sets of tabs to the wire strands, just shredded the strands. The Molex brand pins have longer tabs. I thought these would be the same size.