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Exactly what I was hoping for
Must have for mounting DDC pumps and dealing with the heat. My DDC is now mounted with 4 screws to the bottom of my case on top of a 120mm fan. incredibly sturdy, and now actively cooled.
Best way to cool a DDC
You can use these on the DDC reservoir 120 or 140mm mount, and mount your DDC pump straight to a fan on the bottom of your case with these. You can run a DDC 3.2 on full blast with a bitspower heatsink and not have to worry about it burning up
Must use correct components
The fan is a good static pressure unit, with excellent dampening. In terms of RGB, you must use the correct components: If you only need 1-2 fans, buy the XSPC 5v RGB controller (not 12v!) If you want to use more than 2, you need to buy the 10 dollar controller, and the 5v RGB hub, then you can run 8 RGBs off that. I like how these fans have thin lighting zones, makes for nice definition in the RGB modes.
Works with XSPC 5v controller!
If you use the new XSPC 5v controller, you can power 8 fans... best way around not having a 5v header on a motherboard I can think of.
I went with the green accents. Goes good with primochill candy green fittings. The fit n finish is more than I expected at this price. Nicely polished on the front and sides... the wheel flows nicely.
I am using one of these with the older style Acetal DDC pump top... it works fine, however you need shorter screws. I am using 13mm m4 screws. This makes for a cool little compact unit. Looks fantastic!
A proper compression fitting
This fitting is very tube tolerant... unlike many fittings on the market today, even with tubing that runs thicker than normal, you should be able to screw on the compression cap with ease. Primoflex is notorious for running extra thick.. most fittings are a real pain with it, these barrow fittings actually fix that stuff!
Look better in person
When you check these fittings out, they look kinda boring... but when you put a barb at the end of these, they actually look pretty cool. Only complaint is the rotary is not very tight.
Just as good as any deionized water for flushing or running. Price is the awesome!
Worth it.
I prefer DDCs over D5 pumps. This little guy here out powers my Alphacool DDC310 by a long shot. Only thing missing is PWM control... a little loud, and a little toasty but has that DDC power I enjoy. I was not sure if this was truly a Laing pump at first, however the circuit board did have their name on it. The screw threads were a little different on mine than other DDCs stock tops.
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