FrozenCPU - World's Largest Selection of PC Modification Supplies en-us Happy Holidays! All of us at would like to extend a very warm, safe and happy holidays to everyone! Holiday Hours: December 24th Closed December 25th Closed December 26th Normal Hours, 10AM - 6PM FrozenCPU Staff 2018-12-22 ModRight Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat The ModRight Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat & Assembly Surface is the first full anti-static mat with enough room to complete your entire assembly on! The oversized Mod-Mat is a huge 1200mm x 600mm which is over 47" x 23". This allows plenty of room to complete your entire build on without worry of static or scratching priced hardware and parts. The anti-static surface is safe for ALL COMPONENTS including your motherboard, VGA cards, RAM and any other electronic parts. No computer builder / enthusiast should be without this work surface! FrozenCPU Staff 2018-11-25 FrozenCPU's Super Black Friday Sale Are you ready? FrozenCPU's Super Black Friday Sale. The biggest sale of the year. Ends November 26th at midnight. FrozenCPU Staff 2018-11-21 XSPC EX360 Triple 120mm Low Profile Split Fin Radiator - Custom Painted White We took the XSPC EX360 Triple 120mm Low Profile Split Fin Radiator and gave it a facelift with some automotive grade white paint. Keeping the fins all black ensures no performance loss by heavy coats of paint. Now that all white look you are planning can be accomplished. Introducing a new generation of performance PC radiators. The EX series combines the low profile design of our RS series radiators with the high performance of our award winning RX series. This feat has been possible due to several manufacturing advances including, split fins, improved soldering techniques, and welded seam tubes. The EX series has been designed and optimized for low speed fans, so it can offer high performance cooling at very low noise levels. FrozenCPU Staff 2027-01-23 FLEXO PET 3/8" Nylon Cable Sleeve - UV Safety Stripe Stretches nicely to accomadate several cables inside the sleaving to really neaten up all the wires and leads in the your chassis. Sold by the foot. For best results, measure the length you want, instead of cutting with scissors, use a match or a hot knife to sear the end for a nice clean non-frayed cut. The FLEXO PET (PT) grade is used in electronics, automotive, marine and industrial wire harnessing applications where cost efficiency and durability are critical. The unique braided construction and wide expandability allows quick and easy installation over large connectors and long runs. PT can be found in applications ranging from small office/home office to high tech wire and cable harnesses. The wide range of available colors and sizes allows easy and systematic color coding in complex wiring and cabling schemes. PT is braided from 10 mil polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns. The material has a wide operating temperature range, is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation, and abrasion. The sleeving cuts easily and cleanly with a hot knife and once installed, will beautify and protect any wire, hose or cable application. The wide color selection is perfect for complex color coding solutions over long runs of wire or cable. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-19 XSPC G1/4" Inline 10k Sensor (Black Chrome) XSPC black chrome G1/4" inline 10k sensor. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-16 XSPC G1/4" Inline 10k Sensor (Chrome) XSPC chrome G1/4" inline 10k sensor. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-16 XSPC RGB Series 120mm Fan - PWM 800-2200RPM - 5V 3Pin Addressable RGB (3 Pack) XSPC RGB Series fans offer RGB lighting, in a high static pressure fan with PWM control. The fan features 12 individually addressable RGB LEDs that can be digitally controlled via your motherboard, for near unlimited lighting options. RGB Series fans are compatible with 5V ASUS Aura Addressable headers, 5V MSI JRainbow headers and 5V Gigabyte Digital Pin headers (adapter required). See compatibility list for more information. RGB Series fans include anti-vibration pads, a hydraulic bearing and PWM speed control, enabling whisper quiet operation. *Please Note: This fan is NOT compatible with 4pin 12V RGB (+GRB) headers or controllers (Including XSPC 12V RGB SATA Controller). Connecting the fan to 12V RGB will cause permanent damage. Only connect to 5V addressable RGB, making sure the 5V wire connects to the 5V header. Connecting the cable in reverse through a 4pin RGB extension cable will cause permanent damage. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-16 Barrow Compression Fitting(Extended Edition) - 16mm OD Rigid Tubing Silver (TYKN-K16 V4) Barrow hard tube compression fitting for 16mm OD rigid tubing in Silver color. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-15 XSPC G1/4" to 10mm ID, 14mm OD Rigid Tubing Fitting (for use with XSPC Metal & PETG Tubing Only), Black Chrome, 8-Pack XSPC G1/4" to 10mm ID, 14mm OD Rigid Tubing Fitting (for use with XSPC Metal & PETG Tubing Only), Black Chrome, 8-Pack. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-11 XSPC G1/4" to 10mm ID, 14mm OD Rigid Tubing Fitting Black Chrome, 8-Pack XSPC G1/4" to 10mm ID, 14mm OD Rigid Tubing Fitting (for use with XSPC Metal & PETG Tubing Only), Chrome, 8-Pack FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-11 XSPC O-Ring Replacement Pack for XSPC Rigid Compression Fittings XSPC o-ring replacement pack for XSPC rigid compression fittings. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-11 Bitspower GeForce RTX 20 Series VGA LN2 pot (BP-VGLN2) Bitspower GeForce RTX 20 Series VGA LN2 pot For serious overclockers, liquid nitrogen is the only solution in order to push their hardware to the next level and get the highest benchmark scores. And for them, Bitspower presents the LN2 pot for NVIDIA GPU. Made out of a solid block of high quality copper, the Bitspower LN2 pot is precisely sculpted via CNC for a clean channel routing and most efficient cooling capabilities. Finished with nickel plating and a matt black anodized collar, the Bitspower LN2 pot has a great look with greater performance. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-05 Bitspower Touchaqua XYZ Reservoir (PWM) (BPTA-XYZ-RES-PWM) Bitspower Touchaqua XYZ Reservoir (PWM) Made from resistant acrylic, the Touchaqua reservoir is ready to hold up to 180ml of liquid. This pump reservoir combination is designed to help you save some space by being mounted directly on top of your 240 or 360 mm radiator with sturdy aluminum brackets. . Its dual loop design gives room to a flow indicator which helps you make sure everything is running smoothly and gives the user more opportunity with tubing customization. Covered by a 2-year warranty, the high-performance S1 pump comes in a black finished and with Digital RGB LEDs that is sure to match with even the wildest case mods. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-05 Bitspower Silver Shining Mini Valve Rotary G1/4"& Inner G14"With Black Handle (BP-MVVRGIG14-SLBK) Bitspower silver shining mini valve rotary G1/4" inner G14" with black handle. FrozenCPU Staff 2019-04-05