FrozenCPU - World's Largest Selection of PC Modification Supplies en-us ModRight Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat The ModRight Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat & Assembly Surface is the first full anti-static mat with enough room to complete your entire assembly on! The oversized Mod-Mat is a huge 1200mm x 600mm which is over 47" x 23". This allows plenty of room to complete your entire build on without worry of static or scratching priced hardware and parts. The anti-static surface is safe for ALL COMPONENTS including your motherboard, VGA cards, RAM and any other electronic parts. No computer builder / enthusiast should be without this work surface! FrozenCPU Staff 2020-12-22 December Giveaways! December Giveaways 2020. From now until midnight December 22nd enter "pickme" in the comment section of your order for a chance to win $25, $50, $75 dollars gift certificate. Drawings will be held on December 23rd. FrozenCPU Staff 2020-12-11 4th of July - Free Ground Shipping on All Orders Over $50 Go "Fourth" and shop with free shipping on all orders of $50 or more! From all of us at, have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. Use coupon code:"FREEDOM" FrozenCPU Staff 2020-07-02 Thermalright AXP90-X47 Low-Profile CPU Cooler Thermalright AXP90-X47 low-Profile CPU cooler. Intel: 115X/1200 AMD:AM4 FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-10 Thermalright AXP90-X53 Full Black Low-Profile CPU Cooler Thermalright AXP90-X53 full black low-profile CPU cooler. Intel: 115X/1200/1700 AMD:AM4 FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-10 Phobya Front Panel Extension Cables, 30cm, Black With this cable it is possible to expand the front panel. The cable leads are sleeved with fine mesh sleeving, fitting into the system perfectly. This cable is not only practical, it is also optically appealing, The surrounding mesh, also called sleeve, which is surrounding the cable itself offers the advantages that every Pro-modder is looking for: A completely unique look, even of the cables in the system! Special attention was paid to the combination of cable connectors, sleeve and heatshrink which were used to ensure great design and a unique as well as elegant look. Phobya's goal is to make the work of professional and hobby modders a bit easier with these cables. Sleeving is a lot of work and requires much time. But with these cables by Phobya the whole system can be redesigned any way you like by simply adding these cables FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-09 Kaze Flex 92x15mm Slim PWM 300~2500 RPM (KF9215FD25-P) Kaze Flex 92mm slim case fan. Featuring low profile design, Kaze Flex 92 slim fan is optimized for space-limited application. Newly designed blade and frame contribute high airflow with low noise, and PWM control offers wide range fan speed for various application and system. Sealed Precision Fluid Dynamic Bearing delivers quiet operation and long life-span, the fan include Anti-Vibration rubber on the corners reducing possible vibration during operation. The slim frame design is ideal for low profile CPU cooler/heatsink, radiator and SFF computers. With proprietary Fluid Dynamic Bearing, Kaze Flex 92 PWM Slim fan provides quiet cooling as well as a long lifespan up to 120,000 hours. The bearing and pressure shaft are made of high-quality compressed metal, it is to guarantee minimum tolerance and excellent stability. With a newly designed blade and frame, Kaze Flex 92 fan generates great performance for various applications. Optimized airflow/noise efficiency, the fan is ideal for cases, heatsinks, and radiators. Equipped with Anti-Vibration rubber allowing low noise operation by aborting possible vibration transmission. FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-08 Scythe Kaze Flex 120x25mm 2000 RPM (SU1225FD12H-RP) Scythe Kaze Flex 120mm 2000rpm fan. Based on the highly acclaimed Kaze Flex PWM fans already used in the award-winning Mugen 5 CPU cooler, a complete series with three different models is now available. Here, too, the sealed Precision FDB bearing ensures a service life of over 120,000 hours. Decouplers mounted on the fan frame reduce the transmission of vibrations and thus contribute to a low noise level. Sealed Precision FDB To guarantee a high level of smoothness and durability, the fans from the Kaze Flex range use a self-contained fluid bearing (sealed Precision FDB). The bearing and spindle are completely made of high-quality, compressed metal and are lubricated by a special oil film resistant to up to 250C. This dramatically reduces friction and thus ensures a high level of smoothness and reduced wear, resulting in an average life of 120,000 hours. Integrated Decoupler The Kaze Flex fan series has been equipped with vibration and shock absorbing rubber cushions on the tunneless screw holes. These decouplers effectively prevent the transmission of any vibrations that occur and contribute to a low-noise operation. Versatile Applications The Kaze Flex fan series is available in several power levels and offers an individual solution for every application area. Amenities A 50 cm generously dimensioned and well-laid connection cable as well as an adapter for direct connection to the power supply make installation in almost every system possible. FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-08 Scythe Mounting Kit for Intel LGA1700 Socket (SCMK-1700B) Scythe coolers support the new sockets on the market. Users can use the SCMK-1700B kit to upgrade most Scythe coolers to Intels LGA1700 socket without changing the entire cooler. Cooler Compatibility: MUGEN 5 Series SCMG-5200/SCMG-5100W/SCMG-5100/SCMG-5PCGH/SCMG-5102AR/SCMG-5100TUF/SCMG-5100T/SCMG-5100BKA/SCMG-5100BE/SCMG-5000 FUMA Series SCFM-2100/SCFM-1100/SCFM-2000 NINJA 5 SCNJ-5000 BIG SHURIKEN 3 SCBSK-3100/SCBSK-3000/SCBSK-3000R/ SHURIKEN 2 SCSK-2000 KOTETSU Mark II SCKTT-2000/SCKTT-2000TUF/SCKTT-2000T/SCKTT-2000W/SCKTT-2000BKA CHOTEN TUF SCCT-1000TUF FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-08 Scythe Thermal Elixer G High Performance Thermal Paste (SCTEG-1000) Thermal Elixer G is a new generation of Scythe thermal compound. Featuring unique formula with Graphene inside, the TE-G has superior performance and long-term stability. Non-corrosive and not electrically conductive, the TE-G is suitable to use CPU and GPU applications that require demanding performance such as overclocking or gaming. Thermal Elixer G is Non-Silicon and Non-corrosive grease, it is not electrically conductive. It is safe to use on all types of applications (CPU, graphic card) without causing the risk of short-circuits. FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-08 Scythe Kaze Flex 92x15mm Slim RGB PWM 300~2500 RPM (KF9215FD25R-P) The new variation of Kaze Flex 92 slim fan, this RGB version has same dimension that is ideal for Small Form Factor computer such as HTPC, Mini-ITX PC, and low profile CPU cooler. Built with RGB(12V) connector allows fan to be synchronized and controlled by RGB motherboards for vivid and multiple lighting effects(16.8 Million colors). Compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic, Gigabyte, Asrock. FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-08 Big Shuriken 3 RGB Edition CPU Cooler (SCBSK-3000R) Big Shuriken 3 RGB is a cooling solution for small form factor systems (Mini ITX, HTPC). The cooler uses a newly developed Kaze Flex slim RGB fan that delivers a great airflow and an attractive colorful appearance. The wide-space heatsink jointed with 5 heatpipes can transfer and ventilate the heat effectively, and offset design for better compatibility to memory and components on the motherboard. Standing only 69mm tall, the Big Shuriken 3 RGB is an ideal cooling solution for the Small Form Factor system (Mini ITX, HTPC). With a Copper base and 5 heatpipes design, it has a small footprint yet offers great performance as well. Big Shuriken 3 RGB has an asymmetric and offset design for excellent compatibility with Mini ITX, Micro ATX motherboards, and high-end RAM. Guaranteed to give you no problems with RAM compatibility. The cooler is equipped with a 15mm Kaze Flex slim RGB fan. The 4-pin 12V RGB connector allows the fan to be synchronized and controlled by RGB motherboards for vivid and multiple lighting effects (16.8 Million colors). Compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic, Gigabyte, Asrock. With an additional screw set included, it is easy to swap regular size fan (25mm thickness) to the cooler for better cooling performance and quieter operation if space allowed. FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-05 Mugen 5 Black Edition Rev.C CPU Cooler (SCMG-5200BE) Based on the classic Mugen 5 cooler, this new black edition comes with Kaze Flex II 120 fan within 1500rpm to get higher performance. Compatible with Intel LGA 1700, the Mugen 5 Black Edition Rev.C is the premium choice of excellent performance and superb quietness. Applied with E-Coating(Electrophoretic Coating) technology, this process gives the Mugen 5 Black Edition Rev.C sleeker look and protection from oxidation, also ensuring the heatsink has consistent performance as the original version. The Mugen 5 Black Edition Rev.C has a complete black coating and diamond engraved logo, it not only makes the cooler look good in style but also fits the most popular build color themes. Thanks to the offset and asymmetrical design, this cooler has great compatibility with memory modules and graphic cards even on LGA 2011 (V3) / LGA 2066 sockets. Standing only 154.5mm tall, the Mugen 5 Black Edition Rev.C perfectly fits most tower cases on the market. Scythe reliable H.P.M.S IV mounting system is a secure easy-to-install spring loaded mounting system, black finished is perfectly match with system built. Now ready for INTEL LGA 1700 support and provides optimal contact pressure to the motherboard. FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-05 Scythe Kotetsu Mark II ARGB CPU Cooler (SCKTT-2000BKA) The Kotetsu Mark II ARGB CPU Cooler is equipped with an ARGB PWM fan from the award-winning Kaze Flex series, operating in a range from 300 to 1500 RPM. With a height of only 154mm, an asymmetric heatsink design for maximum memory and graphics card compatibility, and an optimized and easy-to-install mounting system, the Kotetsu Mark II ARGB cooler represent an affordable choice for a high-quality 120mm cooler. With 4 nickel-plated copper heatpipes and a height of 154 mm, Kotetsu Mark II ARGB can easily fit most middle tower computer cases on the market and offer great cooling efficiency as well as quiet operation. The cooler is equipped with a Kaze Flex 120mm ARGB PWM Fan. Fully customizable ARGB function, the fan is compatible with any ARGB-enabled (5V) motherboards and PCs. It is easy to synchronize the color effects to build different PC themes. The H.P.M.S III with spring-loaded screws guarantees perfect contact pressure to the CPU and makes the installation process considerably simple. FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-04 Enermax ETS F40 ARGB Air CPU Cooler (ETS-F40-BK-ARGB) Enermax ETS-F40 ARGB series is a side-flow CPU air cooler, supporting 200W+ TDP and synchronizing with addressable RGB enabled motherboards. The enlarged 140mm heat sink fin design provides a larger cooling surface for efficient heat dissipation. Equipped with 140mm fan with smart PWM speed control function provides balance between silence and performance. FrozenCPU Staff 2022-08-01