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Mod/Smart is based out of Rio Rancho, New Mexico and has been in the business of hardcore modding for years. Their goal is to supply the best products and services they can source, design or manufacture.

Mod/Smart Categories
4 Pin Connectors
  12V P4  
6 Pin Connectors
  6-Pin Dust Covers  
Cable Adapters
  Cable Adapters  
Case Hardware
  Dust Covers Grommets Hard Disk Drive Screws
  Power Supply Screws Thumbscrew (6-32 thrd.)  
Cold Cathode - Tubes
  Cold Cathode - Tubes 4" Cold Cathode - Tubes 12"  
Computer PSU Accessories
  Dust Cover Kits Molex Dust Covers  
Connector / Port / Slot Protectors
  Dust Covers  
Connector Tools
  Crimping / Pin Removal  
DIY Acrylic Sheets
  Modders Acrylic  
Dust Covers
  6-Pin Dust Covers DVI Dust Covers HDMI Dust Covers
  Mic/Speaker Dust Covers Mobo Dust Covers Molex Dust Covers
  PS/2 Dust Covers Sata Dust Covers USB 3.0 Dust Covers
  Dust Cover Kits  
Fan Cables
  3 Pin Adapters Fan Cable Extensions Fan Cabling
  PWM Cabling  
Home Theater Cabinet Lighting
  LED Strip  
LED Lighting
  LED Strip LED Control Boards  
  LED Accessories LED Control Boards  
Lighting Accessories
  LED Accessories  
MaxFinder Triple Braid Cables
  MaxFinder 8-Pin PCI-E Ext.  
Misc Case Parts
Mod/Smart - High Density Kobra
  1/8" HD Sleeving 1/4" HD Sleeving 3/8" HD Sleeving
  1/2" HD Sleeving 3/4" HD Sleeving 1" HD Sleeving
  HD Sleeving Kits HD Mini Spools  
Mod/Smart - High Density Kobra Mini Spools
  1/8" Kobra Mini Spools 1/4" Kobra Mini Spools 3/8" Kobra Mini Spools
  1/2" Kobra Mini Spools  
Mod/Smart - MaxCord Paracord
  MaxCord 3/32" Mini Spools MaxCord 1/8" Mini Spools  
Mod/Smart - Pre-Sleeved Wire - Female to Female
  8" Pre-Sleeved Wire-ATX 16" Pre-Sleeved Wire-ATX 24" Pre-Sleeved Wire-ATX
Mod/Smart - Pre-Sleeved Wire - Male to Female
  8" Pre-Sleeved Wire ATX 8" Pre-Sleeved Wire Molex 16" Pre-Sleeved Wire ATX
  16" Pre-Sleeved Wire Molex 24" Pre-Sleeved Wire ATX 24" Pre-Sleeved Wire Molex
Mod/Smart Kobra MAX Cables
  MAX 24-Pin Ext. MAX 4-Pin Ext. MAX 6-Pin Ext.
  MAX 8-Pin EPS Ext. MAX 8-Pin PCI-E Ext. MAX P4 Ext.
  Kobra Cable Bundlers  
Mod/Smart Kobra SS Cables
  Kobra SS 24-Pin Ext. Kobra SS 4-Pin Ext. Kobra SS 6-pin Ext.
  Kobra SS 8-Pin EPS Ext. Kobra SS 8-Pin PCI-E Ext. Kobra SS P4 Ext.
  Kobra Cable Bundlers  
Panels / Tops / Mesh / Acrylic
  Modders Acrylic  
PSU Cables
  12V EPS Extensions 20/24-Pin Extension 4-Pin Molex Extension
  6-Pin PCI-E Extensions 8-Pin PCI-E Extension SATA Power Extensions
Remotes & Switch Cabling
  Switch Cabling  
Rounded Cables
  Motherboard Cables  
SATA 3.0 Cables
  SATA Cable Adapter SATA Cable Clips  
Sata Connectors
  Sata Connectors  
Screws by Application
  Expansion Slot Screws Hard Disk Drive Screws Power Supply Screws
  Thumbscrew (6-32 thrd.)  
  Switch Cabling  
Tubing Accessories
  Tubing Grommets  
  18 AWG Wire  
Heat Shrink
  1/8" Heat Shrink 1/4" Heat Shrink 3/8" Heat Shrink
  1/2" Heat Shrink 1/8" Pre-Cut Heatshrink 1/4" Pre-Cut Heatshrink
  3/8" Pre-Cut Heatshrink 1/2" Pre-Cut Heatshrink  
UV Heat Shrink
  1/8" UV Heat Shrink 1/4" UV Heat Shrink 3/8" UV Heat Shrink
  1/2" UV Heat Shrink 1/8" Pre-Cut UV Heatshrink 1/4" Pre-Cut UV Heatshrink
  3/8" Pre-Cut UV Heatshrink 1/2" Pre-Cut UV Heatshrink  
  1/8" Sleeving 1/4" Sleeving 3/8" Sleeving
  1/2" Sleeving  
UV Reactive Sleeving
  1/8" UV Reactive Sleeving 1/4" UV Reactive Sleeving 3/8" UV Reactive Sleeving
  1/2" UV Reactive Sleeving  
Sleeving Kits
  Single Braid Kits System Sleeving Kit  
PC Tools
  Crimping / Pin Removal PC Tool Kits  
Wire Management
  Cable Organizers Fan Cabling Grommets
  Kobra Cable Bundlers Kobra RaceWays Purse Locks
  SATA Cable Clips Switch Cabling System Sleeving Kit
  Tie Mounts Tie Wraps UV Tie Wraps
  Wire Saddles  

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"I have to say that I have been ordering more and more from FrozenCPU lately and every experience has been awesome! My wife actually ordered some parts for me and it included 3 fans, 1 of which was completely broken away from the frame entirely. All they asked for was a picture and they sent out a new one the next day with 2 day shipping! I also realized I ordered the wrong size radiator, so late one night I ordered the correct one along with some new tubing and a couple fittings and wanted it overnighted to get it quickly while I was still on vacation. They had it packed and shipped within a few hours of my order and I received it exactly when I wanted it! This is one of those rare companies that goes above and beyond to help out their customers and I will continue to shop and recommend FrozenCPU! Thank you for everything!"

- Chris
   June 03, 2015

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