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AquaComputer Pump Adapter for D5 Pumps, Compatible w/ Aqualis (41094)
Part #: ex-res-400
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The Aqua Computer pump adapter for D5 pumps is manufactured from durable Delrin and offers flexible mounting options. The adapter can either be used as a stand-alone pump adapter or in combination with a compatible aqualis series reservoir. A mounting bracket made from stainless steel is included in delivery, an optional decoupling set can also be used (not included in delivery). For mounting a D5 series pump, an anodized aluminum clamp ring and a suitable o-ring gasket are provided.

When used without an aqualis series reservoir, G1/4 threads for fittings can be used on the top and side of the pump adapter. Unused threads can be sealed with two G1/4 sealing screws supplied with the pump adapter.

When used with an aqualis series reservoir (art. no. 34044 or 34045), pump adapter and reservoir form a virtually seamless unit. The sockets at the base of the reservoir slide into form-fitting receptables of the pump adapter and the gaskets on the sockets establish a watertight seal. When used with a reservoir, the threads on the side of the pump adapter must be used to connect the water loop. Please note that for use with aqualis series reservoirs, another version of this pump adapter with integrated fill level sensor (art. no. 41095) is also available. The adapter sold here (art. no. 41094) does not feature a fill level sensor!

Note: Secondary pictures show it installed on an Aqualis Reservoir. This is an optional part and not required for usage.

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